A Quick Overview

Seven Things About Myself That Are Mildly Interesting:

  1. I pretty much each breakfast for every meal. (Waffles are my weakness.)
  2. This fall I’m moving to Orlando so that I can work at Disney for the Disney College Program.
  3. I peaked in eighth grade when I won the school spelling bee, and everything’s been downhill from there.
  4. Tina Fey is my hero, and I know way too much about everything she’s ever done.
  5. College is difficult, but it’s not impossible to procrastinate successfully.
  6. I’m in the process of editing two novels that I wrote, and I will hopefully be starting to send out query letters pretty soon.
  7. Pokemon is better than Yu-Gi-Oh!  Do not argue with me on this one.

If any of these seven things causes you to roll your eyes, sigh, or get uncharacteristically irritated, congratulations.  You’ve discovered the essence of my blog.  Hopefully you’ll keep reading (against your better judgement, of course) and learn something from this experience.  Now, it’ll probably be something along the lines of “I really need to stop using the internet to avoid my responsibilities” or “college students are way more emotionally unstable than I would’ve guessed,” but hey, it’s better than nothing, right?

So, kick off your shoes, turn on some music, and get ready to watch the train wreck in slow motion that is my life.


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